Thursday, 18 September 2008

Tilburg University: Secret Places of Escape

So I've been going around the campus, trying to discover all it's hidden wonders and facilities. There's so much that students miss out on, or that they pass by every day without noticing, with their heads down in the ground or in their books. The Zwijsen Building, and the Esplanade Restaurant are some of the more prominent but less visited locations at the university.

Esplanade is a really nice cafe, with cheap beer, a rustic design [with shelves of books behind the bar], and a terrace, where students can just go to chill out, relax, or have a graduation dinner party. The Zwijsen Building, is somewhat in the center of campus, and from the outside looks somewhat robotic, futuristic and apathetic, however it is the University Meditation Building [who has this??], and from the inside it's quite warm, quiet and peaceful: conducive to meditation, prayer, relaxation, and silence.

Also recently discovered were the artistic interior designs of the liberal arts building, including the room which I call the funky room since it has really cool colourful chairs, lamps and sofas, where you can just lie down and do some heavy group work and discussions ;). The beautiful lake near the cafeteria and the semi-panoramic views from the 12th floor of K building, just complete the school's natural ambiance and induces relaxation.

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