Friday, 30 January 2009

New Crazes in Life

Suddenly I've found my new favourite craze drinks/cocktails in life. I never had a favourite drink really before, hopefully I'll find better ones as I try more. So here they are:
  1. Nescafé Gold Café Mocca: One-third espresso, one-third hot chocolate, and one-third steamed milk. Try it yourself with NESCAFÉ Gold Mocca.
  2. The infamous Gin & Tonic: dry, sweet, lemony taste. A gin and tonic is a highball cocktail made with gin and tonic water, usually garnished with a slice of lime or lemon and often served over ice.
  3. Muscat dessert wines: Muscat grapes are used to make a variety of sweet dessert wines in various parts of the world. Typically, these are fortified wines, though some sweet late harvest and noble rot wines are also made from Muscat grapes. Muscat is often used as a sweet aperitif, and some varieties are used to make "sherry".
  4. And Finally: Bacardi Lime [Mojito]: oh yeh!
Tonight, do the Mojito, with the refreshingly cool taste of the Barcardi Mojito!
Voilà! [I just felt like expressing this to the world].

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Turkish Affinity: Hall of Fame

It was the absolute last days of Tilburg and The Netherlands, the last weekend of my Dutch student life, and it was the best weekend spent there since we’ve been there. I must say it was somewhat of a weird yet enjoyable and culturally-explosive experience which I had on these two nights [Saturday and Sunday].

n767504299_1368283_2553The evening began with meeting and dining with some mutual friends of Wasiq and I who happened to be Turkish. We ate, quite ironically [since Marcos was not there] and haphazardly [since the other restaurant we were going to was full], at a Mexican Restaurant in Tilburg Centre.

DSC02404_tnOne of the girls we both knew, Buket, then took us afterward to an underground party! I cannot believe in our entire stay in Netherlands, this place existed and we never visited it! It was held in a messed up spray-painted graffiti-ridden place [which looked like an abandoned community centre].The name of the place was "Hall of Fame", and the party was "Terug Spoelen" [which means "rewind" in Dutch]

But wait! That’s not the weirdest part! Guess who we went with and got us in free? A 66 year old Dutch woman – Buket's "Landlady" – "Hanneke" - who drinks, smokes, stones-out-on-weed, and parties like she’s 20 years old! She was dancing with us and buying us drinks, she even invited us to her "secret basement" to do some "Shisha", however we didn't go that far. Everyone there were like moms and grannies, like really old people stoning-out and dancing and chilling. Buket, Wasiq and I were the only three people in there who were young [below 30].

Wait! There’s more! That’s not even touching the weirdest part of the night! When i went to the restroom, I met a girl from Berlin who is doing her Bachelor Degree in Circus Acts! Hahahaaha! Yes you read correctly: a Bachelors Degree in Circus Acts. WTH! how weird can you much weirder can you get man? Please tell me something weirder than that! And I believed her too, since i actually knew the circus school she was talking about. But she was really cool, so I asked her: "Circus acts like standing on your hands and stuff? So can you show me some tricks?", she was willing to of course, but her response was "I would, but I’m just so insanely drunk and stoned right now, I just can't". Understandable, don’t you think? I think my next Degree will be in this.

n767504299_1368285_3112On Sunday, after this crazy night, we relaxed with the Turkish girls at their place, in Stappegoorweg - with food & fondue, Shisha, Turkish tea, Turkish Coffee, and Turkish song [with a violin too]! It simply shocked me how much culture these girls had in them, how much they stuck to their culture and brought it out in song and enjoyment with each other. And I resent my own culture and hide it. I felt somewhat awakened, at the deepness to which their tradition lay, and how it brought them together. It was at that moment that I gained my fascination for Turkey and Turkish culture [I just didn't really care about it that much before]. It was at that moment that I realised why Wasiq was so drawn to this genre of people in all our adventures. It was at that moment that I gained my Turkish Affinity.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Return to Aix [Again]: Shisha

Well officially I’m the only one in my programme to return so many times to France since we’ve left. Once, when I was in Finland [to see Maïté]; another when I was in Netherlands [to pursue Maïté] after my trip to Ireland. And yet another time [this time] in the same semester with Wasiq [to drop off some of my luggage]. Yes, my third return to France!

salon1Well Aix-en-Provence will never change, it remained the same charming little ville that I had left it to be. On this return however Wasiq and I, spent one night only; and spent it well in an amazing Shisha-Tea Bar [Salon de thé oriental] in the centre-ville called Sur la route de Samarkande.

IMG_8799Very oriental, charming, warm, and flavourful place: with teas I would never dream existed [well over 30 flavours in their menu], and the hugest Shisha pipe I’ve ever seen [not that I’ve seen that much in my life].

Of course the Shisha was used to smoke herbal fruits and not cannabis, since we were in France and no longer the “free” Netherlands [not that we smoke cannabis in Netherlands, just that it’s tolerated to do so there]. I can’t remember the name of tea I had, but it was some fusion of flavours that exploded in my mouth. Wasiq had gotten me into the “tea” culture a week before, so this was quite the treat for me.

And of course we were in good company of the girls: Wasiq’s Germany friend Rebecca, and my French friend Emeline [who we crashed by for the night]. Thanks Emmy!

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

IMMIT Last Days: Tilburg

It was the last days, in Tilburg, halfway between exams and our coordinators decided to have a farewell get-together for us. It would be the last time that we would all really be together as a group, since we were all parting our separate ways to do internships in one of the 3 countries in which we've studied.

IT was a nice evening, beginning with a 'clog' [traditional dutch wooden shoes] painting workshop, and ending with a nice dinner [with great wine], at a Dutch restaurant in the Tilburg City Center.

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