Saturday, 13 September 2008

Amsterdam & de Zaanse Schans

Although I had been in Amsterdam for two weeks before, I decided to go on an excursion to Amsterdam this weekend. The Deal was awesome: 24 euros, for transport to and from Amsterdam [already a good deal], a tour of a windmill village [de Zaanse Schans], the Anne Frank museum, a canal tour [the best way to see the city: through the water], free time and a tour of the red light district. The day was really enjoyable, especially the exposure to the traditional dutch things like windmills, cheese, wooden shoes [clogs], cows, and houses [architecture].

This is the description that ESN gave, and it was nothing short of the truth:
Explore Holland with ESN! Our first excursion will take you to the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam. The city is known for its historic port, the Rijksmuseum, the red-light district (de Wallen) and the liberal coffeeshops. We will start at de Zaanse Schans, which has a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses and where you can see how cheese and the wooden clogs are made. Afterwards we will go to Amsterdam, where we will go on a canal tour to see Amsterdam from the canals and visit the famous Anne-Frankhouse. Of course there will also be free time for you to explore Amsterdam on your own. We will finish our excursion with a tour through the Red-Light District in the evening. Subscription is required at our office. Costs are 24 euros with ESN-card and 26 euros without ESN-card (any "visits" in the Red-Light District are not included).

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