Monday, 8 September 2008

Dutch Innovation

Wow! These people are quite on top of things here. The fork is my favorite and quite ingenious and practical! it's a knife and fork in one! The knife is to the side, amazing.

Then there's this Chipknip system [picture courtesy Slavica], it's like an electronic wallet, you don't need to walk around with lots of cash, simply transfer money from your bank account to your chipknip account on the same card using this machine and use your card to pay at stores without having to enter your pin.

And last but not least, the amazing anti-theft system in the Tilburg University Library! wo-hoo! This is actually here, but seriously the library is quite advanced, if you start eating or talking in the quiet zone, security officers come running immediately to stop you [since the entire area is under surveillance], also the book checkout is completely automated, with a conveyor belt and all the works, it even gives you a printed receipt of when to return the book.

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