Thursday, 25 September 2008

Student Sounds

Student Sounds is a concept that was launched in September 2005, the idea is to give students in Tilburg a great party for a small amount of money. Furthermore the focus should be on decoration and famous artists that play music that is popular among students [my kind of music: trance/dance/house]. It's a huge party that sells out every year! And it's not all hype, they stick to their word, it is an insane, pumping party, with lots of students, music and drinks [beers are a bit expensive].

This year, Ida Engberg, a Swedish Female DJ performed. As some random dutch girls in the crowd shouted to me:

We know she's beautiful and talented, but we can't understand why all the guys go crazy over her when she performs.

I guess they have a lot to learn about guys; This girl is beautiful, I don't know if she's talented but she looks really good turning those switches! Of course Wasiq and I had to go up close to take pictures with her. But seriously, she is talented with some hardcore styles in her portfolio. The night was wicked, with Marcos, Salman, Wasiq, Ken, Minh and myself; we even saw Korhan [our roommate], and Rusmir.

The greatest event for the night, was a system error event with the DJ visualization software, haha, this Microsoft, always giving problems, everywhere. I'm so glad I got this picture!

LedStudio.exe has encountered a problem. If you were in the middle of something, your information might be lost. Please tell Microsoft about this problem.

Duh! Of course I was in the middle of something! One of the biggest student parties in Tilburg! Haha.

For more pictures, see:

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