Sunday, 21 September 2008

Autumn Arrives: Leaves' Fall

Wow, I don't believe ever in my life have I stepped back to admire the beauty of Autumn. Well of course the only times I experienced it before now was last year and 4 years back in New York [since Trinidad doesn't have the four seasons]. However, I never noticed how pretty it can be, this dynamic and elaborate artwork by nature that brings brightness to the day in spite of the harsh and bitter winds of the upcoming winter. It feels really playful when you walk through the thick natural heaps of leaves alongside the streets, dragging your feet and kicking them to scatter.

Here are some trees outside of my window that turned from light green to bright yellow, and then to florescent red in a matter of a couple of days. The sunsets have been heart-warming as well; once, we took chairs and sat on our balcony [being on the highest floor] just to watch it. There were three balloons in the distance; apparently its popular to go ballooning when the weather is nice, but it's quite expensive [150 euros per person for 1 hour]. Ah-well, soon we will have to be saying "farewell fall, and welcome winter".

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