Thursday, 11 September 2008


The student association known as MAK organized a student Bar-B-Que this Thursday [September 11th :S]. Although it was 5 euros, it turned out to be really successful, and worthy [with 2 beers, food, and four samples of four different types of meat included]. There was a DJ, sound system, toilets, and light effects all well organized in the middle of a forest!

Yep, it was held deep in a forest close-by school. The forest is very beautiful, 'naturistic', and decorated with sculpture art [scattered about the scenery]. The weather turned out to be ok too, and in the end there was extra sausages [for free], we had our beers that we brought from home ;). Marcos and I had lots of fun with Justina, Raminta and some other friends figuring out our way out through the dark forest.

Of course the after party was at Philip and Cul-de-Sac.

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Shawn Ramjit said...

lol dude u went to a BBQ on 9/11? lol ahahahaaha...that sounded like a terrorist meeting to me!!

glad to see u having fun man!!!