Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tilburg Culinair Festival

I have been in this city for almost 2 months now and I have not seen anything close to cultural [less you call pubs cultural]. I have seen the brief carnival-like parade on the first Sunday that I was here, but it was only for a short moment. I have been intending to visit some of the museums here but I haven’t gotten the time or energy to cycle all the way there.

However, on this night, Minh, Marcos, and I went to the Tilburg Culinair, a once-in-a-year festival with music, food and drink [they even organized a big club-/disco-like tent for partying. It’s an opportunity to taste a selection of dishes from some of the most expensive/famous restaurants in Tilburg, for a fairly cheap price [considering the high quality of meals].
On the familiar location on the William Square, the visitors enjoyed special dishes of top restaurants from Tilburg and surroundings.

William Square is a square that lies in front of the City Hall [a castle like building in the town centre]. It’s supposed to be the tastiest festival in town! We had our fun, going to four different restaurant huts [which are set up in a real classy restaurant style/ambiance], and having sampled 4 different meals: Mussels, Chinese teriyaki chicken, Lobster, and Lamb [which was extremely good]. It was a very small portion, but in the end it was just to taste and have fun.

At least I experienced this cultural event in time, and it was well worth the little money I spend on meals. Next up, museums!

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