Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Inside the US Presidential Election

Today I found myself attending a Nexus seminar [presentation/discussion] entitled "Inside the US Presidential Election". However, before entering Europe, I had no knowledge, understanding, and more so, no interests what-so-ever in politics of the US, or even my own country for that matter. As stated in one of my initial posts:

This experience in fact opens the mind and expands the perspectives of any person. There becomes a growing international awareness, and concern is emergent for global issues that were once ignored.

It is true, and I do feel more genuine interests evolving in me concerning politics, law, economics [or more generally, these global issues], and other topics that were once considered boring to me.

I still came out of the session confused as ever, but the US politics is known to be very complex with a lot of social, economic, personal, and environmental events and factors influencing it. I did learn some things however; and hey, at least I got to meet someone famous in the process! The speech was delivered by Sidney Blumenthal who is Senior Adviser to Senator Hillary Clinton and former Assistant and Senior Adviser to President Bill Clinton. He is among the world's most prominent experts on nowadays American politics and journalism. This guy has even watched the movie "Air Force One" [staring Harrison Ford] while flying on the Air Force One!

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biljak said...

You even took a picture with the guy? OMG! Hehehe :)