Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Pieni ja ihmeellinen: Small and Wonderful

On our trip to Lapland, we had an awesome sound track made by Salman, 3 CDs played for over 30 hours repeatedly, we know them by heart now. But in the interims, where we played radio, a beautiful Finnish song was repeated constantly. After having recorded piece of the song on my camera, listening to parts of words over and over and extensive searching, i asked a Finnish speaking friend and he identified the lyrics, which i Googled and found the song name which I then YouTubed :).

here it is:

Pieni ja ihmeellinen [by band: Retropop]: it means "small and marvelous/wonderful" and some parts of the song are about "our planet is so amazing, we call it earth". Hahahaaha.

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Slavica said...

Oooo Retro Pop, GD, I saw the add in Kauppatori , they had a concert !!!! grrrrrr, we have to be careful about it next time, I wanna see these guys ...sooo cute , I mean ihmeellinen :)