Friday, 21 March 2008

French Misconceptions

It's strange that we know and grew up hearing things and phrases such as "French fries", "French vanilla", "French toast", "French manicure" and "French maid". Yet, in France, NONE of these were apparent. It's almost as if the entire world is fed a lie, a misconception of the definitions of France.

If you ask a French person what is French vanilla, they have no idea what you are talking about, they drink cafe au lait. [Strange that this was my favorite caffeinated drink as a teenager and i ended up in France]. It's like asking the question what do cows drink, the answer of course is not milk but water. As for French fries [called pommes de terre frites in French or simply frites], they were invented in Belgium; I have not seen a French maid to this day in France; nor a French girl with a French manicure.

The best is French toast, the French people don't even eat breakfast, they eat what is called "petite dejourner" which is breakfast but does not contain any of the traditional "English breakfast" salt items, such as eggs and French toast, what they have is the "French breakfast" which consists of sweet items, such as pain au chocolat [croissant with chocolate :S].

Who came up with these things? We think that it's so "French" and the French don't even know what it is or don't use it themselves. These lies about France. It just goes to show that the world is still quite segregated and cultures are unknown to many and misunderstood by masses due to commercialism, tourism, and modern Television lies, rumors, and urban legends. All these were wrong, I did, however, experience the real "French kiss", and that i can assure you is the same as or better than traditionally portrayed. ;)

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