Saturday, 29 March 2008

3 Nights of Cooking

27 March 2008:
Cooking at home: well, Marcos doesn't cook all the time, i decided to try my cooking skill at some chicken [i guess it was somewhat Chinese-styled] came out really good [not to brag] but well seasoned, healthy, etc. :)

28 March 2008:
Biryani: Indian-Pakistani-style [kris, merie, wasiq, salman]. Tingting and I just watched :). Biryani is a family of primarily South Asian dishes made from a mixture of spices, rice (usually basmati), meat/vegetables and yogurt. It was fun, delicious and exciting and was done in our apartment, since our room mate is now gone :). The stove was hell to clean after, though.

assignments, and theAnd finally, IMMIT just had to have another Bar-B-Que, in the midst of exams, and ending of spring with snow still on the ground and temperatures bordering zero, we decided once again to do what we want. [in the third picture you can see Ken attempting Chinese Style BBQ with chop sticks] :|

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