Sunday, 23 March 2008

Finnish Reggae

So, i found myself tonight at Klubi, at a Finnish Reggae concert, yes: Finnish people singing Reggae in Finnish. We went with the two best Finnish girls that we know, Anniina and Marianne. It was a bit strange, seeing these "white" people with their long blond rasta hair, doing something that was more common to "black" people [no racial connotations implied]. In the end it was an awesome show, they really pulled it off, and the guy can sing really well. Their style was utterly unique, with a slight hint of the Finnish rock culture in there.

It's just a bit odd for me, that i actually enjoyed it, knowing that i never had any particular liking toward reggae before. This European Erasmus journey really redefines you as a person, and allows you to open up and accept various cultures, music, and people.


guiXian said...

hi there!
i found your site while googling IMMIT, because i've been accepted into the main list for 2008/09.

any idea what are the chances of getting the scholarship for those selected in the main list?

life looks fun there, i hope i get it. *fingers crossed*

Minh, Nguyen Tran Bao said...

Hi Jevin,

I was shortlisted to IMMIT. I also want to know how do you guys live in Turku, how is the temperature and weather?

Thank you for any info.