Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Languages of Europe

Europe is quite diverse, and so are it's people, cultures and especially Languages. In each country we visit, we are bombarded by strange and exotic new languages, words, and signs. It's strange that I say exotic, because to me it is, but to them, they consider our languages and cultures exotic. It's almost as similar to how surprised the Finnish people reacted when they found out that a Caribbean guy [me] listened to Finnish metal, when in reality a lot of Finnish people listen to reggae and salsa. Anyway, the language is so different everywhere you go, and suddenly apparent [as it wasn't before] that it makes you wonder how is it possible to have so many languages in this world. I even got into the habit of researching a bit about the language, and learning various survival phrases in the language before i visit the country. Thank you is a universally essential word to know. Kiitos [Finnish], Merci [French], Paldies [Latvian] and Tänan [Estonian] :) [source].

Anyways here are some pictures of very strange words in various places, i'll leave the meaning up to you.

Above: Cassis, France [Pussy sweets: "la gourmandise est naturelle": meaning "Greed is natural"]

Above: Stockholm, Sweden [Slottsbacken: meaning "castle hill"]

Above: Stockholm, Sweden [Street Sign Nemesis: unknown meaning]

Above: Tallin, Estonia [Kiek in de Kok: meaning "See into the kitchen". Canon tower of the city]

Above: Turku, Finland [Megapussi: meaning "mega bag"]

Above: Turku, Finland [Minipussi: meaning "mini bag"]

Above: Turku, Finland [Pantti: meaning "deposit fund, paid for recycling"]

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