Sunday, 2 September 2007

Saint Tropez - The Town

Now the Town of St. Tropez is nothing spectacular at all, just a port with expensive boats, some expensive stores for rich people, and the same old buildings and dog waste problems. Some people pay up to 3000 euros per month [and more] to rent a parking spot for their boats in the port.

But it's nice none-the-less, here is...yes, you guessed it! another fountain! a view of the port, a very expensive both [equipped with bead and sofa and all [the London Illusion indeed], and a candy store for pirates, or is it a store for pirated candy:

Here i am, trying to pose, there's some art [very strange at that], and the town clock tower [in the past they were at war with another town, and so they removed one of the clock faces so that the "enemy" won't be able to tell the time...]:

The gorgeous ladies of Europe, at school I keep meeting more and more international people, nationalities that I've never met in my life before. Well it doesn't get more international than this, from left to right: Marketa from Czech Republic, Thu-Lan from Germany [born in Germany, parents are Vietnamese, and she has an American accent], and another girl we met on the trip from Germany:

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