Saturday, 1 September 2007

Marseille 2 - La Plage

Well, now the sun was really hot, and burning, and we had enough of sight-seeing and proceeded to the beach. Now, although the sun was hot, the water in the sea was freezing cold, almost as ice water, but it was nice still. Oh and did I mention that French people are very natural; yes, here and there, scattered about, women were removing their bikini tops and basking in the Mediterranean sun [topless], i have some pictures, but i don't think it's allowed on blogspot. La France Libre!!

On the way to the beach [from left to right: the port of marseille, a path that i got lost on, a port/door that has no purpose, a wall being attached by plants]:

On the way to the beach [from left to right: one of the narrow paths to the beach, one of the very narrow/steep stairways to the beach - i don't know why Biljana is grinning so much, and the street of roses - i can't see the roses though]:

Finally! the sea side:

The Sea:

The Beach {C'est L'ETE!} - It's Summer!:

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