Sunday, 2 September 2007

Saint Tropez - Cap Taillat

[This was the day after our beach trip to Marseille; so that's "beach" two days in a row!]. The water was much warmer than in Marseille, and the beach coves were the most beautiful ones that I've ever seen. Now, if Marseille was a topless beach, then Cap Taillat [The beach of St. Tropez] had to be a nude beach, since people, men, women, old, young, were walking around, swimming and sunbathing completely naked. Nevertheless, Marcos and I bought some beers, and enjoyed the stay and view very much. We, however, kept our clothes on...

The People: [so i'm really tired of uploading pictures now, so here are a few with the people, there are many more, i have about 400 pics now for St. Tropez alone!]. There's Marcos, Tingting, and Kristy [Korean], then there's the three Europeans ;) [German girl, Thu-lan, Marketa]. There's Mathew [English guy], and Alkid, and there's ME :) [Tingting is a really great photographer, she took these two pictures of me; and even got to capture me jumping off the 10 foot drop cliff...that was tough but it was really fun, these two little- 10 year old - German girls were continuously jumping off, and I went up to them and asked them in French if it was difficult and they said in English "i don't understand" :S].

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