Friday, 7 September 2007

22 Years Old

My Birthday, i think we partied for like 4 days in a row: IPN [Club] on thursday night, Room Party on Friday [the 7th - the day of my actual birthday], then Ile d'If on Saturday, and well, Marseille on Sunday.

OK so Here's our first night at IPN! Students Night every Thursday! International Girls! German Girls! These are the other "economical" ways that they sell beers in France - by Pitchers [or Pichets] - only one person is allowed to drink from one pitcher - it's a lot of beer for the price of just 2 small glasses. It's funny, that we're doing this masters in management and it really has changed our thinking, now when we look at everyday things, we automatically put a managerial perspective on it and try to analyze it as such and tie it back to stuff we did in class - it's pretty geeky, but its cool to look at the economics of situations and the financial and marketing decisions adopted by various bars!

The Room Party - at Marcos' Room, Marketa, Thu-lan, Anna - Nice.

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