Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Touchdown in LGW & MRS

My journey began on 15th Aug at 4:50pm and ended on 16th Aug at 4:50pm :|. I had a connection flight in London where i had to wait for 5 hours [i know all the duty-free shops in the London Gatwick Airport now by heart]. Just before going through a baggage check in Gatwick, there was this awkward clear box for sharp items - can someone please tell me why a plastic spoon is in there :S. I think it's more artistic than functional.

The LGW Airport has much more advanced toilets than MRS, their hand driers and much more powerful and effective. I remember seeing this hand drier as the latest in hand drying technology on BBC world news' "Click". two powerful streams of air press against either side of your hands as you slowly pull them outward, and voila! hands are dry, no dripping, no paper, no time!

For 20 POUNDS i don't think is was going to buy an entry ticket to win one of these cars, but it is SWEEEEEEEET none-the-less.

So after an agonizing 24 hours in transit i finally touched down at MRS [Marseille airport] and set foot on French grounds. Only to be greeted by a bull - i thought bulls were a Spanish thing?

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