Thursday, 16 August 2007

L'hotel Louisiana et Ma Chambre

I stayed at the Hotel Louisiana for one night but failed to take any pictures due to extreme jet lag, i did how ever had a chance to grab a beer with my newly found friends [Marcos to the left, and Ken to the right].

After which we all journeyed to Aix-en-Provence - the city where we were to live for the next 5 months. We all met the rest of students, then, headed over to our dorms - "Cité des Gazelles" on Avenue Jules Ferry! Now, for 150 euros per month what can you expect, I've been told that rooms are between 300-400 euros in France for the cheapest. What's not in the picture is a small closet and a lavabo [sink].

The good side is i have a great view of the hills of Aix! [picture taken using canon photo stitching - madddd!]

And the sunsets here are great, the weather is nice, mild, warm, not too cold, the wind is cool and the sun is welcoming.

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