Saturday, 25 August 2007

La Ville de L'Avignion

Weekends in the south of France, with this warm weather, can't be wasted, so we decided to go to the famous city of Avignon known for the Pont Saint-Bénezet [a.k.a Pont d'Avignon] [bridge]. The city was really nice, the river was amazing, and so was the bridge, but other than that, France is starting to become a bit monotonous: same old buildings and cobble-stone roads, same old country-side and landscape; we have to begin expanding outside of France - Spain maybe? or Italy, how about Prague? It's so easy to find your way around, a lot of people cringe at the fact that its a large mass of land and you can get lost, but I've been to three cities in France so far and i feel like i can go anywhere in France, it's practically the same [with a city centre at the heart of the city], and the maps are very explicit.

On the way to Avignon,
some landscape, Marcos and Tinting [i love this picture: done with a color accent effect on my camera], the church looking building is supposed to be another Notre Dame, and nearing Avignon - there was a tractor made out of hay [now that's when you know you're in real country-side].

These are some shots of the buildings in the city centre of Avignon, what's interesting is: the city centre is surrounded by a wall/fort [seen in the first image].

The tourist paths; Museum; and almost every city has a "Hotel de Ville".

An Irish Pub; Arch of Trees; the all-too-popular cobble-stone road.

The Theatre.

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