Sunday, 4 May 2008

Ruissalo: The Natural Finland

Our last days in Finland, in deed it's sad, our emotional attachments to this country, it's people and culture has truly grown the same as it had done in France. Feeling as though we've been here so long, and done nothing, [not as much travel as in France], and feeling as thought time is running out on us, we decided to visit RUISSALO.

This is one of the archipelago islands off the coast of Turku, Finland, and is famous for the great summer concert event Ruisrock! The purpose of our visit, however, was a little less about hardcore metal, and more about the discovery of nature. It was truly surprising how beautiful Finland could be in the spring and summer days, with the trees all green, blossoming with bright white and yellow flowers, and not dead as in winter. After all, Finland is one of the most forested countries in Europe, and my visit to Ruissalo surely proved that to me. The weather was even hot, and I started to sweat; wanted to dive into that beach, but no one else was bathing :(

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