Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Turku Castle

Back in Turku, Finland. Feeling the same sad way and that time is running out. Amongst the hustle and bustle of packing my luggage, posting it, returning stuff, closing stuff, saying goodbyes; I decided to spend one of my last days here visiting one of the biggest and "must-see" [tourist] attractions/monuments in Turku [aside from The Cathedral]: The Turku Castle!

So I set out to see this castle as a tourist and not as a student who has lived in the country for 5 months saying "been there, done that". It turned out to be nothing less than impressive, I never expected to see such old and noble architecture and relics in Finland, or Turku for that matter, it's almost as if the rest of the town is normal and within the castle walls is hidden a historical marvel. Even the outer walls aren't as nice as what is inside, you'd never expect it. Turku castle is the largest surviving medieval building in Finland, and one of the largest surviving medieval castles in Scandinavia.

This old castle dates from the 1280s over 700 years old, and includes two dungeons and magnificent banquet halls, and a historical museum of medieval Turku in a maze of restored rooms in the castle's old bailey. I went there alone, but it was worth the effort and the ride across town to the harbour area. And a nice end to my stay in wonderful-land-of-a-thousand-lakes-Finland.

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