Saturday, 16 May 2009

IAE Gala: Casino Royale!


It wasn’t my Gala, but I was invited. A large ‘ball’, a final year party for students of the master programs in IAE, organized by the BDE and held within the IAE compound itself!

The IAE Gala 2009, at first sounded like a really corny idea, but in IMG_9225the end it astounded me past anything I could imagine. The entire school complex was turned into multiple dance floors, each with a unique theme of its own. The entire party was named “Casino Royale”, and thus had the air of a casino theme.

The cafeteria had a dance-club-type atmosphere, with disco lights, a DJ and electronic music blasting throughout. The courtyard was turned into a concert-type environment with a live rock band performing throughout the night. The “bubble” or mezzanine/lobby was 80’s style with pop and dance music. The reception held the big bar with fairly affordable drinks [ranging from beer to whiskey to some weird green stuff].

IMG_9236 One large classroom featured a live Jazz band with tall cocktail tables arranged for casual conversation. Finally the room next to it was the casino room, with a Roulette table and a Black Jack table, with actual casino staff teaching you how to play, and where you could actually win free drinks!

In all, it was nothing short of a great party: dancing, drinking, with my girlfriend, with past IAE friends [Emeline, Ewa, Taina], watching the drunken IAE bourgeoisie girls in their evening dresses; awesome night.

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