Sunday, 10 May 2009

Trekking Aix

IMG_9176In the month of May, Maïté and I suddenly had a realization of the short time that we had together before she left for Paris in the start of June. Thus we tried our best to visit as many places as possible, but failed. Ha-ha. So we spent some quality time in Aix instead, not so bad, considering that it’s quite the charming little city. Here are some recounts of things we did, along with the censored pictures.IMG_8989

  • Bulldogge [25 April]: Bulldogge, the best burger in Aix? Perhaps; quite a nice place, good food [and beer], with a familiar British theme . [Bulldogge Pictures].
  • Parc Jourdan [1 May]: The First of May [May Day] began with traditional Muguet de mai [Lily of the valley] flowers. We attempted to go to Arles, but missed the bus somehow and thus had to settle for Parc Jourdan, it's a nice park when you think about it. [Park Jourdan Pictures].IMG_9103
  • Sushi [1 May]: Later that night we had sushi at a restaurant on Cours Mirabeau, but surprisingly, it wasn't as good as my first sushi in Beni Hanna in Trinidad! [Sushi Pictures].
  • Puyricard [6 May]: A day at school, ending with a peaceful mid-summer's eve walk through the countryside of Puyricard. Old country roads, chateau's, blossoming roses, the works. [Puyricard Pictures].
  • Ice Cream [8 May]: On the promenade! [Ice Cream Pictures].IMG_9193
  • Ratatouille [8 May]: Traditional, home-cooked, very colourful, very French Ratatouille, made with love by ma copine :). [Ratatouille Pictures]
  • Marseille [9 May]: Just walking around Marseille, attempted to go to 'les calanques' but the bus was messed up, so we just went to 'la plage de catalan'. [Marseille Pictures].

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