Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Return to Aix [Again]: Shisha

Well officially I’m the only one in my programme to return so many times to France since we’ve left. Once, when I was in Finland [to see Maïté]; another when I was in Netherlands [to pursue Maïté] after my trip to Ireland. And yet another time [this time] in the same semester with Wasiq [to drop off some of my luggage]. Yes, my third return to France!

salon1Well Aix-en-Provence will never change, it remained the same charming little ville that I had left it to be. On this return however Wasiq and I, spent one night only; and spent it well in an amazing Shisha-Tea Bar [Salon de thé oriental] in the centre-ville called Sur la route de Samarkande.

IMG_8799Very oriental, charming, warm, and flavourful place: with teas I would never dream existed [well over 30 flavours in their menu], and the hugest Shisha pipe I’ve ever seen [not that I’ve seen that much in my life].

Of course the Shisha was used to smoke herbal fruits and not cannabis, since we were in France and no longer the “free” Netherlands [not that we smoke cannabis in Netherlands, just that it’s tolerated to do so there]. I can’t remember the name of tea I had, but it was some fusion of flavours that exploded in my mouth. Wasiq had gotten me into the “tea” culture a week before, so this was quite the treat for me.

And of course we were in good company of the girls: Wasiq’s Germany friend Rebecca, and my French friend Emeline [who we crashed by for the night]. Thanks Emmy!

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oh ha i think it had to do with u being frm trinidad like my self...ha i dont know wht it was i kinda pictured u like eurotrip the movie getting laid and stuff lol...thats awesome