Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years 2009: Amsterdam

After Christmas, we began making plans, not for exams yet, but what was to be done for New Years Eve [or Old Years, as we call it in Trinidad]. Since the last year was spent lost in Helsinki, it was set that we'd lose ourselves in Amsterdam.

With Amsterdam being one of the "global playboys", like New York, London, etc; we expected that it would be one of the biggest New Years Celebrations in the World. :). It was Wasiq, Slavica, Biljana, their friend, Salman, and I on the train to Amsterdam; we met Ahmed and Marcos there. It was indeed an exciting scene in the Sin City [as my mom would say: a "Den of iniquity!". And what is better to break in the New Year in Amsterdam than with a bottle of rum [that Marcos brought from duty free]!

We walked around a bit, got totally wasted, went to KFC, sobered up, and then went out again in time for the break of the New Year. However, it [the fireworks] was not as grand as I expected, The fireworks was out, everyone screaming, happy, fun, random wild and drunk girls rushing up to you screaming happy new year, and then of course the city of Amsterdam announced quite diplomatically at 12:30 am: "Happy new year to all, now we would kindly appreciate if you could all clear the area and go home" ha-ha.

So we proceeded to a bar where we spent the rest of the night talking and waiting for our trains back home. So goes our New Years adventure, at least we didn't get lost this time..or did we? Can't remember :P

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