Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas 2008: The Shopping-Cart Chicken Project

Christmas this year was spent with IMMIT [or at least most of us]. With exams approaching, no one was in the mood to celebrate, and also most people went off to see family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. However, we decided to make the most of it, and spend it together, and in good humor, although the weather was cold and uninviting, and the city and Stappegoorweg [where we held the event] was a ghost town [as most exchange students had left].

We wanted to bake a turkey but decided that that process would be largely complex and difficult to spawn relatively good results from. So we proceeded with The "shopping cart project", which turned out to be still largely complex, yet successful never-the-less. The project was largely lead by Wasiq, yet each of us had our important roles to play and fulfill. Here it goes: BBQ coals, aluminum foil, and a shopping cart that needed to be turned into an oven suitable for baking and not BBQ-ing; and 3 chickens and stuffing that needed to be turned into a Christmas Lunch for 12 people.

It was a large risk [as all our stomachs depended on these chickens spinning on a stick, but as can be seen in the pictures, it turned out quite successful and delicious! With what little resources we had, we turned a shopping cart into a blasting 350 Degrees oven capable of baking 3 whole chickens on a rotating stick. :) Call us what you want, managers, innovators, cooks, we just had an enjoyable and memorable time doing it. [I do not have much pictures, since I was either helping out or drinking :P]

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