Saturday, 29 November 2008

Zeeland: Cottage Getaway

Ah, IMMIT! Our last semester together; we decided to spend some quality bonding time together in a remote cottage getaway.

The place: Center Parcs, Zeeland ["Sealand" I guess], a resort built on a reclaimed piece of land in the south west of The Netherlands. The Dutch are masters of land reclamation and dijk [dike] building. When entering the resort, there was a sign of Nederlands with a cross through it [signifying that you are leaving the Netherlands :|.

The resort: several cottages built along the harbor and west coast, with facilities including several swimming pools and 3 water slides, saunas [which were added costs], and some expensive restaurants/bars. In all, it was quite expensive, so we just used the facilities which were included in the initial cottage rental fee. The Caribia hotel pools in Turku and the cottages in Lapland were much better; this place was not really that beautiful either [considering the weather and rainy/cloudy atmosphere of winter] but it was still enjoyable and spent with good company. It may have been more enjoyable in summer.

It was quite crowded surprisingly, apparently a lot of Dutch people crave the hot tropical resort ambiance in the cold winters here [plus it's cheaper in winter]. We touched the North Sea, spent time in some of the Dutch "country-side", swam in outdoor heated pools, and even met Sinterklaas [the Dutch version of Santa Claus, who is really a Saint that arrives by boat to most of the harbors in The Netherlands during Christmas].

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