Saturday, 16 August 2008

Somewhere back in Time

I have been in Europe for a while now, and I, unfortunately, haven't been to any concerts [metal/rock or techno/trance for that matter], due to time, money, or unavailability. This Saturday, the 16th of August, 2008, I attended an Iron Maiden concert [Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 2008] at the TT-circuit, Assen, The Netherlands; with guest bands: Lauren Harris, Kamelot and Within Temptation: it rocked! This for me was a real privilege, since I know Iron Maiden won't be around on tour much anymore, and also, well I grew up on their music, and recently came to worship Within Temptation!

The venue was well organized, with food stalls, toilets [with soap dispensers], alcohol, and 27,000 high-teenagers, kids, and veteran seniors muzzled together. They even organized special buses and night trains for the event. The concert was amazing and epic; it started off with Lauren Harris [who was a bit queer], then to the powerful strings and chants of Kamelot [whose female singer played no role at all, but was hott nevertheless], then the serene voice of Sharon den Adel coupled with the wicked riffs of her Dutch band Within Temptation. I can't believe I saw her [so hott!]; with her funky hand-movement dances. Their performance was truly blood-crawling and goose-bump-inducing with the way that they brought the crowd into their performance to accomplish the operatic chants of some of their songs like Ice Queen, followed by heavy melodic distortion.

And of course the grand finale: Iron Maiden. The thoughts of my ticket costs quickly dissipated, as their show emerged to be spectacular, with not only the classic music and reminiscent vocals but with several lighting, pyrotechnic, and prop stage-effects. They maintained their original stage decor and band theme of the Egyptian style, with varying album art images in the background. There were [at different points in time] two mascots of the notorious Eddie [one mummified, and one futuristic robot: the Eddie featured on the somewhere in time album cover], and one of a goat devil [very creepy since it's head and hands moved, and was brought on for the song "The number of the beast"].

What was even more creepy was that a Lunar eclipse was taking place exactly at the moment the band was playing. Now, the vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, claimed that it was unplanned, but somkehow with so many of their songs linking to the mysteries of the Moon and darkness [Moon Child, Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Fear of the dark], one must wonder...

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