Friday, 26 October 2007


So, i was running low on panadol - a common drug that i use for the common cold or sore throats or anything. [I'm sounding like a panadol junkie, let me rephrase, i wasn't running low, i just wanted to top up my supplies so i would have enough for Finland's brutal winter weather]. Anyways, so i went to one of the million pharmacies that there are in this city, and showed them the package. Of course the woman did not know what it was, so she started to read the drug components.

Would you believe they don't sell panadol because one of the components is forbidden in france!

It's illegal to sell panadol in France! hahaha.

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Frances said...

Hey just wanted to point out that Panadol is perfectly legal in France. Maybe you had panadeine which has codeine in it. Panadol is just paracetemol and then it has a low dose of potassium sorbate which is basically a food preservative. You said she started reading the list of ingredients but there's only 2. There are also PE versions which are pharmacy only such as the cold and flu or back pain, but again they're just different strengths of paracetemol. Either she didnt' know what she was talking about or you didn't have regular panadol.