Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Ultimate Job: Runaway Bride & Groom

VOTE HERE: http://www.runawaybrideandgroom.com/ultimatejob/user/profile/769

To celebrate the launch of Ireland’s most exciting destination wedding and honeymoon website, The Irish Times have teamed up with Runaway Bride and Groom to find the right candidate to do 6 months of research… researching the most romantic and ultimate wedding and honeymoon venues around the world - with their partner.
They are looking for the right person to research and test out the most romantic and ultimate wedding and honeymoon destinations all over the world and then report back with our verdict to our boss, 4,000 miles away.
We think we're the ones for this job [considering we're now seeking employment]!! This is our application video:

Please RATE our video the highest possible to increase our visibility & VOTE for us so that we can win!!! Thank you.

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