Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Moelleux aux Chocolat

In our last days in France [*snif snif*] we [Biljana, Slavica, Mark, Marcos, Anna, Thulan] decided to go to an authentic French restaurant for dinner. At the end of the meal, not knowing what i was up for, i chose the Moelleux aux Chocolat for dessert. It looked like a stupid cup cake, but delivered a culinary orgasm when tasted. Its a very soft, very moist cake, filled with warm, rich chocolate syrup. nice...definitely the best dessert in the world!



Veljko said...

Mmmmm, looks tasty *slurp*slurp* :)
Is there any receipe in English maybe? :)

Jevin Ramjattan said...

nope :P you need to learn the beautiful french language my friend! or use google language tools []

biljak said...

Hehehe, this seems quite weird! To see Veljko and Jevin talking to each other! :))) :D

Anyway, this cake was... Oh My God! The BEST sweet thing I've EVER tasted! Ever! Mmmmmm :)))
We have to try to make it here in Finland! :))

Leandra said...

this is like the "american lava cake" that has all the chocolate oozing out.
but i'm sure this was way better.
it's authentic!
live it up jevin :)